Floods Happening Around the World

by Andrea Valerio 


One of the biggest floods happening in the US is Tropical Storm Harvey, formerly known as Hurricane Harvey. People are so occupied with Tropical Storm Harvey that they don’t realize the other floods happening around the world.


The first flood that happened this year was in Niamey, capital of Niger; flooding is one of the biggest recurring problems in Niamey. This year, more than 40 people have died, since the rainy season began in June. As a result of this, many buildings and key roads that cut in several parts of the country have been destroyed. On the early morning of Aug. 26, Niamey began to have heavy rainfall, causing flooding in surrounding areas. Because of the flood, 219 homes were destroyed and over 1,000 people were made homeless. The worst affected area was Gabagoura, a village outside Niamey that recieved about 100 mm (3.9 in.) of rain.


At the same time, many people were forced from their homes because of flooding in Ireland and the United Kingdom. In Donegal, Ireland, two bridges were completely washed away. The Inishowen Peninsula was hit the worst with road closures and many flooded properties. The Northern Ireland Government released an emergency plan for householders affected by the flood. At the time, The Donegal County received over 70 mm (3 in.) of rain. While in Northern Ireland, the most affected counties were Londonderry and Tyrone, with 63 percent of the average rainfall in Aug. falling in the affected areas within eight to nine hours. 30 roads were damaged and several buildings were destroyed, while cars were swept away. Firefighters rescued 93 people who were trapped by flood water in their car or property.


Meanwhile, on Aug. 29, heavy rain caused large flooding in parts of Mumbai, India. At least five people were reported dead or missing in floods in the Palghar and Thane districts. Five areas received more than 200 mm (7.8 in.) of rainfall in five hours: Santacruz (212 mm), Matunga (253 mm), Worli (243 mm), Parel (230 mm), Kurla (208 mm), and Vile Parle (212 mm). During the afternoon of Aug. 29, some parts of the flooding in Mumbai reached chest-deep. Because of this, schools were closed, while trains and flights were cancelled.


Currently, Hurricane Irma developed on Aug. 30, making landfalls on Sep. in Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Martin, Anguilla, Turks and Caicos, The Bahamas, Cuba and the United States. On Sep. 11, Irma downgraded to a Tropical Storm, it flooded streets, destroyed homes and towns and killed five people in Florida and 20 in the Caribbean. The Tropical Storm is now moving across southern Georgia and is set to enter eastern Alabama. Following behind Irma is Hurricane Jose, which is expected to make a clockwise loop. It will eventually move farther away from the United States and closer to the Bahamas and East Coast. With all the floods, hurricanes and tropical storms, how is the government preventing these situations.