Venezuela is in Ruins

by Dans To

In Venezuela there a national crisis is driving the country into ruins. However, Venezuela was not always like this; the country was economically booming during the first decade of the new millennium and was the richest in South America, while the masses loved the old president. Many factors that have built up over the years, politically and economically, have caused the country to become quantitatively worse.

Politically, the crisis began when the public elected the current president Nicolás Maduro . A large majority of the citizens in Venezuela want him to be removed, but despite the democratic roots that Venezuela comes from, Maduro is staying in power by bringing the country towards an authoritarian dictatorship. The situation leads many Venezuelans to go in the streets and protest, which also causes some problems. Some of the protests have turned violent, worsening the state of the country. The only opposition to Maduro (politically) was the National Assembly. Maduro said he would hold a vote to replace the National assembly, after he got into power with the National Constituent Assembly. However, the vote was rigged so that citizens would not be able to vote for their choice. Many of the Venezuelan citizens say this election was the biggest political fraud ever. The Venezuelan government has also tampered with the number of votes to try and show public support to make it seem like they are listening to their citizens. The government has stated around eight million people voted, about a quarter of the population, but experts estimate that the number is close to three million, which is less than ten percent. With all of the political divisions of Venezuela committing fraud, scandals, and outright crimes, it is no wonder that Venezuela is struggling to maintain its society.

Economically, Venezuela has been nothing short of a disaster. The inflation rate of the country is the highest in the world, their gross domestic product (how much a country produces) has fallen 35% in the past four years, and their consumer price index (the amount of money consumers have to pay for goods and services) has risen substantially. All of this causes the Venezuelan economy to decline and now the majority of citizens are not able to pay for any food. The economy of Venezuela used to be booming, but this was due to the majority of its economy being based on oil, and when oil prices surged in 2014, Venezuela became a wealthy country. However,instead of using their money to diversify the economy so that everything does not depend solely on oil, Venezuela decided to rely solely on oil. When oil prices later on fell so did the economy. This is what causes Venezuela’s economy to be in its current situation.

With the crash of the Venezuelan economy and the government corruption, the society of the country is nothing less than chaotic. No quick solution can solve Venezuela’s multidimensional, complex problems, but the citizens will continue to fight for the benefit of the country as a whole. As Maduro drives the country into an authoritarian state, not only is it worrying for the Venezuelans, but also for democratic countries who want to avoid the growth of dictatorships like America.