America's National Infrastructure

by Sabrina Acheckzai


The infrastructure in America is becoming a problem. Every four years the American Society of Civil Engineers get together to look at the infrastructure and give it a grade. America has a D+. As years pass by the infrastructure only gets older. Infrastructure is the organizational and physical structures that are needed for the performance of a society. It deals with buildings, roads, and power supplies etc. Civil engineers usually try to come up with solutions to the failing infrastructure, but they are never on time in doing so. In the United States we have bridges as old as 320 years, (Frankford Avenue Bridge). From the bridges of California to the jam-packed sewage of Houston and railroads in Northeast Corridor, around us is rotting infrastructure everywhere, and the aftermath is so familiar that no one even notices them, for instance like the urban traffic blockage, slow-pace trains, and flights (usually disrupted), all because of an old air-traffic-control system.  


Infrastructure is what makes the world go round. It is the heart and soul of a country. Many voters support more funding for infrastructure, it is the politicians that don’t really care until it is in critical condition. Just two weeks ago a “wildfire” broke out, and it all started with a unstable phone line falling due to the high speeds wind. That could have been prevented if the government and the people would have just upgraded and taken care of it. Now because of that they are facing trillions of dollars in repair and the fire is still not out yet. It could have been hindered if the poll lines were up to date, there are many different designs so that, wouldn’t happen, for instances having underground lines or even cement/concrete lines.


Many people do not even pay attention to the infrastructure because the little things soon become common and that is why sometimes when something does happen everyone wonders why. It really isn’t a topic that many people talk about, but if news reporters and newspaper publishers were to write about it or dedicate some time to it many more people would know about the situation our infrastructure is in. Fixing it up wouldn’t hurt anything but would actually help because it would help drive the economy by opening up more jobs for people. Many people would rather just help improve the infrastructure all at once instead of waiting and doing it one by one. Waiting to fix our infrastructure only will only worsen the condition and higher the cost when we finally go to fix it. We have a high demand for civil engineers. Not enough people are studying civil engineering because it is never talked about and people like to say “that’s a lot of math” or “that’s a hard field”, so it discourages the people who are studying the field. In order to keep the country safe from small little mistakes that evolves into huge ones, we need to stop procrastinating and get to work.