Procrastinators Unite: Christmas

by Lisa Li

You’ve done it again. First procrastinating with Halloween costumes and now Christmas gifts. Thank goodness you weren’t put in charge of the turkey. We didn’t write an article to save you there. It’s December already and you’re stuck without gifting options. What do you do?


1. Hot cocoa to go

Collect packets of hot cocoa, marshmallows, candy canes, and any other typical drink garnishes. These can be packaged in spare mugs, recyclable bags, or small boxes. If you have ribbons or even floss, tie a festive bow around your gift.


2. When in doubt, bake cookies

Everyone loves food, so you can’t go wrong with baking a batch of cookies. Take some time to surf the internet and select a simple yet delicious recipe. Don’t forget to preheat your oven. Tip: don’t eat all the cookies.


3. In shiny things we trust

If you’re like me, random, useless items crowd corners of your house. These can be repurposed into an ornament gift. Examples include doorknobs, cassette tapes, computer mice, empty bottles, and clothespins. All you need to do is coat the object in glue and spread glitter over the entire thing. Wait for your ornament to dry, secure a string to one end of it. Voila!


4. Punny cards work too

Gift homemade Christmas cards with your very own puns. For example, missile toe, peas, love and joy, and Happy Holmium (Ho Ho Ho). Grab any materials you have from cardstock to a plain paper bag and plaster puns on the surface of the card. Markers are nice to draw with, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Sauce, glue, string, or your older sister’s ‘borrowed’ makeup kit can all be used.


5. Hugs for the holidays

All you need is something to write on (preferably paper) and a writing utensil. Take your paper and fold it in half. Draw a festive design on the cover, and on the inside, print neatly the words: All I Want For Christmas Is You. When your giftee (person you’re giving to gift too) opens the card, ask them to read it out loud. As you know, the giftee is always right. All that’s left to do is hug them.


6. “What’s in the box?” is perfect if you are too lazy to go out and make any of these things (we understand, fellow procrastinator). For $10, Something Store will send you a mystery box with ‘something’ in it. It is a brand new item with infinite possibilities. From jewelry to video games, books to gourmet ch0colates, your giftee will be surprised, and so will you.  


7. The rock lives on

Once a fad in the 1970s, you can revive the pet rock popularity with a super cool rock! First thing you need to do is find a good rock. Three types of rocks are: heavy metal, country, and alternative. Any of these rocks will work, but we prefer to not use country. Next, wash your rock so it will be clean and shiny. While waiting for it to dry, search for paint, glitter, glue, and any other craft items. These will transform your rock into super cool one!


Have a merry Christmas! Procrastinators unite! (Tomorrow.)