What Is Happiness

by Amy Nguyen


Everybody has their own way to find and express their happiness. From friendships, relationships, and health, to love. We all want to be happy, but happiness is not something we control, it just happens. While many believe if a situation was different they would be happier, it is actually proven that only 10% depends on a person’s situation. Being positive is up to us; depending on our mindset, habits, who we surround ourselves with, and the way we live. It is proven that most positive people are more successful, healthier, live longer, and have better relationships


Doing what you love or are interested in can improve your mood. Many things like cooking, drawing, reading, listening to music, singing, playing a sport or instrument are examples of interests an individual may have. Happiness can be increased when a strength has been discovered.


With all the technology in life, everyone is caught up with trying to make their life on social media perfect. Many forget that their life revolves around much more than just a screen; that only shows a tiny portion of their life. Instead of trying to impress others, we should slow down the pace and enjoy the purpose of life. Slowing down to pay attention what we are doing and thinking can build or shape our happiness. The choices we make can play a big role in our happiness, whether is a big or small decision,and our actions can make a different on our lives. Take your time and think about what really matters.

Managing your mindset can play a key role in your positivity. Having confidence in yourselves, and using your strengths will definitely lead you to the right path. Thinking positively rather than negatively will reduce stress. Instead of feeling down, why not try to pick yourself back up and become stronger, and not let minor issues disturb you?


Setting goals for life is very important because it defines what you want to achieve and provides a guide. Having goals gives you something to focus on,and without focus, all your potential and talent is useless. Having mental boundaries are also important,because staying away from distractions helps with shooting towards your goal quicker and more efficiently.

As you can see, with simple steps like doing what you love, focusing, thinking positive, and setting goals can all lead to the path of happiness.