A Deep Dive into Windows 11

By Samir Ahmed 
windows 11.jfif

The latest version of Windows, Windows 11, was released on October 5th, 2021 ;here’s all the new changes and hardware requirements needed for the update. Windows 11 is supposedly the most secure version yet, thanks to its utilization of the Trusted Platform Module(TPM) 2.0 chip. TPM has the ability to create new cryptographic algorithms making data more secure, and which is a good thing and fits Microsoft's plan to make windows more secure however TPM 2.0 isn't on all computers and Windows 11 makes it a requirement to have TPM 2.0 if  someone want to upgrade. This means that it ends support for a lot of computers that are around 4 years old or older because they don't have TPM 2.0. Older computers can still run it, but Microsoft wants users to have TPM 2.0 in the computer to get the upgrade and all future updates. However, if a computer is eligible for the Windows 11 update, it gets new multitasking, widgets, and Android apps (coming later). Windows 11 is a free update, however, there have been reports of performance bugs with AMD's Ryzen CPU performing up to 6 times slower after updating to Windows 11. There are also reports of the taskbar failing to update, and the start menu not opening. Windows 11 is not the most stable update to Windows but is missing some of the promised features.