Wall Street Survivor

by Raghuram Palaniappan
wall street.png

For the arduous journey that is life, it is important to invest in yourself. However, merit also lies in investing in the stock market. The stock market is a territory where money is placed in corporations and as the value of the corporation expands, the value of the stock increases proportionally. For example, if a person invested $300 in stocks of Apple and the company’s valuation doubled in value, the stocks the person bought is now $600. By strategically investing in companies that you believe will rise in value, profits will increase.

The job of a stock trader is to tactically profit off the market, by seeking stocks that will accelerate towards a bigger profit. However, you do not need to become a stock trader to become involved with the stock market. Most people already have invested their money in different methods such as bonds, stocks, or a 401k. Although, an underlying risk of losing money inevitably exists in the stock market as a novice, so beginners who are interested in the market can use the Wall Street Survivor’s Website.

Wall Street Survivor offers profound guides with tips on investing and selling stocks and reading the market. A few examples are Evaluating a Business, Getting Started in the Stock Market, and Teenager’s Guide to Investing. Along with guides, the website publishes articles about the status of different companies and their expected values. Above all, Wall Street Survivor offers an opportunity to invest with virtual money in the real world market. While your investments do not exist, you can play test in the real market. In this playground mode, novices for example can test if their analysis of the Alienware company stock.

Along with their stock game, the website also offers several ways to interact with other users on the site. Stocks can be sold or traded to other players on the website allowing users to make connections with other members. Users can also join leagues of players to compete and share ideas with each other.

Investments are clearly part of the futures because corporations will continue to exist. A recent example was the Bitcoin Boom which made many investors of cryptocurrency wealthy. The Vinklevoss twins invested $11 million in Bitcoin in 2013 and currently are worth billions after Bitcoin blew up in value. While getting involved into the depths of the stock market is tough, experienced veterans of the stock market often profit considerably from their investments.