Sputnik V

By Yuliya Eruslanova


Sputnik V- Is the world's first approved Coronavirus vaccine, the name came from a successful space satellite launch decades ago. The shot was made out of two adenovirus vectors SARS-COV-2. This vaccine was developed by Gameleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow Russia and was approved by the president Vladimr Putin himself. According to Nature  news this vaccine was approved in August of this year and is going to be available for widespread use no later than November. Out of all the vaccines that the world has created, Russia’s so far is the most demanded.


CNN says that the Gameleya Institutes is by far the oldest and the  most successful vaccine research laboratory in Russia, but now with the creation of Sputnik V and necessity of improving it for public use, the scientists work twice as hard in hopes that their vaccine will be the one to beat this pandemic. All the detailing of the vaccine and trial is all posted on The Lancet. The trial to determine the accuracy of the vaccine had about 76 participants and all of them were injected with the shot. Even though the vaccine was accepted, there would have to be more volunteers to conclude if the shot actually works, as good as it sounds. The early trails said that the shot was safe to use and created a stronger immune system. 


RFID-Russia's Sovereign Wealth Fund, which supported the making of the vaccine, has announced that they will supply countries across the globe with hundreds of millions of Sputnik V. Since the president of the US, Donald Trump, got infected with the Coronavirus, the creator of the vaccine says that, “Trump would not be in this situation if he had been vaccinated with Sputnik V.” Russia's vaccine creators also say that,”Now would be a good time for the US to consider the vaccine to defend themselves from Covid-19.” The Wall Street Journal says that countries like Brazil, Mexico, India and Saudi Arabia have already agreed to take in Sputnik V. The Russian vaccine has had 1.2 billion worldwide requests so far, with more to come eventually and 30 million just for Russia. President Vladimir Putin has said that his goal was to make Russia the primary player in the race to make the Covid-19 vaccine. 

Countries like the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Philippines, Saudia Arabia, and possibly India will join to support Sputnik V’s testing by giving volunteers to be tested on.