Things are Sparking Up in California

By: Isabella Corona
Things are Sparking Up in California.jpe

California is a place where people move to or visit for our weather. It never gets too hot or too cold so some consider it to be the perfect place to live or just to vacation for a while. Recently, California had a huge thunderstorm which swept through the northern part of the state. These thunderstorms sparked a lot of fires everywhere, which forced a lot of families out of their homes, over 22,000 people to be exact according to Popular Mechanics. 


Covid-19 has impacted the ability for these fires to be contained. Covid-19 has made fighting these fires complicated because our resources are extra tight. Over the years, these wildfires have been getting bigger and bigger and climate change is partly to blame. According to Popular Mechanics, climate change has played a huge role in the number and intensity of the fires. California has gotten a lot hotter and dryer which has caused more areas to be more likely to catch on fire. This basically means that these areas are easy for wildfires to start and burn through a lot faster. Climate change has always been a problem, but right now it has been even more prevalent than ever. People are now starting to see that climate change is becoming worse and worse as time passes. These fires will continue to get worse as long as climate change is still a thing. The California winds have also made these fires a lot worse than they should have been. The winds are not only causing the fires to spread farther they are also making it a lot more difficult to put out the fires using any form of air support. “Gusts can pick up embers and carry them to other locations, sparking new blazes for firefighters to contend with” (Popular Mechanics). The strong winds in California are hindering the ability for firefighters to stop all of the fires. The winds are making it somewhat impossible for helicopters or aircrafts to be able to drop water over the fires to try to contain them, and since the fires are not being contained the air quality is getting worse and worse as time passes. “Wildfires also emit substantial amounts of volatile and semivolatile organic materials and nitrogen oxides that form ozone and organic particulate matter. Direct emissions of toxic pollutants can affect first responders and local residents” (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). These substances that are being released in the air as a result of the fires are something that people should not be breathing in. People who are asthmatic or have respiratory problems are suffering severely because of the fires and are stuck inside their homes, trying to avoid being outside right now. California is going through a terrible time right now after our recent thunderstorms. Fires have sparked everywhere and are forcing people out of their homes. Fires won’t stop until we do something about it. Make sure to read information on how you can reduce the start of fires and also how to stay safe in case there is a fire. Please don’t sit home and do nothing, start helping any way you can.