Do You Know The Six Types Of Peer Pressure?

By Aliyah Ahmed


Did you know there are six types of peer pressures? Research shows that the age where peer pressure blooms is the middle school age, when we were all the most impressionable. We all wanted to try new things.  We thought we were so secretive, but sadly the experts caught on.  At this age, kids usually start to experiment with potentially dangerous things like; drugs, alcohol, sexual activity, and other negative stuff, but did you know that most of these kids who do these things, probably experienced peer pressure? 

Spoken Peer Pressure

Now what exactly is spoken peer pressure?  The easiest way to explain this one is, Person A (being the persuader) pressures person B (the victim) to do something negative like drugs, bullying someone, even skipping homework, or never doing that essay that was due last week.  To avoid this type of peer pressure, be careful who you let in and use common sense and ask yourself “how would this benefit me?” 

Unspoken Peer Pressure

Ah yes, the silent killer.  These people will do something that intrigues you so much to the point where you mimic their behavior; it doesn’t have to be right or wrong, it won’t matter.  Examples of this: copying a makeup look or a fashion look. An example of this in a negative light could be: using a website that gives you all the answers to a homework assignment, a lot of people have done it, but it doesn’t mean it was a good choice.  Be mindful of what choices you make from now on, this type of stuff won’t fly in college, or any workplace.

Indirect Peer Pressure

Have you ever talked bad about someone behind their back? Do you remember how you got dragged in, or how you started it?  Indirect peer pressure is when you hear someone talk bad about someone you know and don’t like,when maybe the better choice would have been to stay out of it. No one forced you to do this, you chose to do it yourself.  Next time you talk about someone behind their backs and someone else joins in, you have officially indirectly peer pressured them.

Negative Peer Pressure 

This is when someone will ask you to do something even though they know it is against your moral code and family values.  Most of the time these people will sadly take over the victims mind, but if you are strong enough, you can ignore these people and just move on with your life.

For example, if your friend asked you to smoke a cigarette or smoke weed with them, and even if you say no, they try and persuade you anyway.

We made it! Here’s our 6th and final form of peer pressure 

Positive Peer Pressure

Did you know peer pressure can be good? This one simply means you follow good examples.  Let’s say you had an essay that you really were thinking about ignoring, but your friend from the same class was working on hers in front of you, and it inspired  you to do it too and do the best you can. Another example could be your mom who is a doctor inspires you to maybe become a doctor or something in the medical field.


People who understand peer pressure can recognize when it’s happening and avoid it when it’s negative. Try to remember these when you are with your friends, maybe you can help yourself and even someone else.