Celebrating Diversity Throughout the Year

By Isabella Canale

Diversity Screen Shot 2 (2).png

Kennedy’s ASB program has recently joined forces with Ms.Noia to create a new committee, Diversity. The new committee will focus on celebrating the unique communities, cultures, and causes that make up Kennedy’s diversity. The committee consists of passionate students of all grades from many different backgrounds who are committed to educate the community. Their Instagram (@JFK.Diversity) will feature celebrations of heritage and history months throughout the year to spread awareness, connections, and education (ACE). If you’re interested in being apart of any celebration months, Diversity’s Instagram will have information on how to submit videos, photos, or information.



Heritage & History Months to Celebrate 2020- 2021


  • September: Suicide Prevention Awareness Month 

  • September 20- 26: National Deaf Awareness Week 

  • September 15 - October 15: Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month 

  • October: LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Queer & Questioning Intersex,  Agender/Asexual/Allied) History Month

  • October: National Italian Heritage Month

  • November: Native American Heritage Month

  • February: Black History Month

  • March: Women’s Heritage Month

  • March: Irish American Heritage Month

  • March: Greek American Heritage Month

  • March 13 - April 15: National Deaf History Month

  • April: Arab-American Heritage Month

  • April 22: Earth Day

  • May: Asian & Pacific Islander American Heritage Month

  • May: Jewish American Heritage Month

  • May: Haitian Heritage Month

  • May: Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

  • May: Mental Health Awareness Month

  • June: LGBTQIA+ Pride Month