DIY Fashion 2016


     February, March and April seemed to pass in a flash and now May is just around the corner. With winter ending, spring has finally enter with the new wardrobes of 2016. Fashion has come a long way from flare jeans to tutu skirts, 2016 has arrive to show us what the new trends will be.

     Being a teenager is expensive, thanks to spending money with friends and feeding those cravings; yet, teenagers still have to be updated with the hippest trends. Along with school work and sports, most teens can’t work and earn enough money for an expensive wardrobe, due to these situations with balancing activities. Saving even a dollar on something like a shirt can be used for other needs such as food. Making your own things not only salvages your financial savings, but the mistakes, the ingenuity and the dedication make each clothing piece a one of a kind treasure.

Here are some DIY fashions you can create with your two bare hands.

1. Cherish Mother Nature and upcycle! Upcycling is a way you can reinvent your own clothes and transform them into something new
  • Take a tank top that’s old news and cut the straps from the back to make a trendy new halter top


























2. Crop tops and muscles are super in during summer and they have the ability to keep you chill, yet fashionable. One way to make a trendy crop top is by knotting the bottoms. Knots give you a festival, yet chic look while you stay cool for the summer weather






3. The 90s are back and they are bringing the most bombastic fashion statement ever. Patches and pins put on backpacks and jean jacket help you look as fly as ever…
  • Buy pins and patches for a cheap price of 1$-3$ at your local thrift store
  • Glue and pin however you want to customize your style  

Here are some ideas


If you can’t find pins you want, why not make these little statement pins


All the materials can be found at your local Michael’s arts and craft






  1. Step one: print out any image you want your pin to be. You can also draw one if you like
  2. Glue the image you want on a wood cut of hearts, circle or triangle
  3. After you glue it, to keep it in place and make it look neat and matt, place 3 layers of mod podge
  4. Place a pin at the back of your project and you’re done!

This way, you can have endless pins for your backpack and jackets with no more than $7 of material









4. Crocheting

Once you learn the art of crocheting, you can make any top you’d like. Crocheting saves A LOT of money since the yarn cost usually $2-5. Crocheting is a therapeutic hobby that reduces stress and helps us cope with illness (physical or mental).

After you learn the relationship between the yarn and hook, you can direct how you want this piece to be. Bralettes and crop tops are the one expensive pieces of item around summer time with such a limited piece. By crocheting your tops, you can have a top that’s worth $50, but only cost you $2.