DIY School Lunch

by Darlene Jones
  1. Tortilla Bites

Take two tortillas (preferably soft) and cut in half. Then get two slices of any lunch meat and cut into strips. Now, get a slice of cheese and fold in half. It’s time to start the assembly of your tortilla bites. Lay down your first tortilla, add the meat, and one of the cheese halves. (If you have any lettuce or greens of any sort, then you could also add that too.) Another thing that you could add to the flavor, is pouring some Asian dressing on the side for dipping. This will really add to the flavor


2. Banana Roll

Take a wheat tortilla and lay it out flat. Then take some honey and/or peanut butter. Spread the peanut butter and/or honey all over the tortilla. Then peel a banana and place it at the end of the tortilla and roll into a tortilla. You can cut the wrap or leave it as is.


3. Saltine sandwiches

  • The first type of sandwich you can make with peanut butter only. Just spread the peanut butter over the saltines and put them together

  • The second sandwich is the same thing except this time you would add some strawberry slices.


4. Classic Pb&J

Everyone loves a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but to add some flavor to it, try using different types of jelly and butter combinations. For example use cookie butter and strawberry or almond butter and strawberry. You can make this very personal, just experiment! Also, you could add a banana for texture.


5. BLTA Wrap

So, this is just like a BLT except you would add some avocado spread. Take a tortilla and place your bacon, tomatoes, and lettuce after spreading the avocado spread and roll it up for a fun and healthy lunch.


6. Tuna Melt

To make this pop a little more, add cheese to your bread and toast it.  Next, add the tuna and a dollop of guacamole. This really makes the flavors explode.


7. Mini Pizza

You will need tortillas of your choice, tomato sauce, olives, shredded cheese, and mini pepperoni (or any type of meat you would prefer). Spread your sauce on your tortilla and cut your meat to a specific size. Slice your olives, if not already done, and add those. Lastly, add some more cheese and your pizza is ready for the heat.


8. Chicken and Waffles

Who doesn’t love some good chicken and waffles, though the combination seems to be odd, it sticks the landing with its many flavors. For this lunch all you will need is some Eggo waffles and some chicken strips. That’s all, just pack it into a microwavable container and you’ll be set for the next day.


As you can see, what you use to make your lunch is only limited to your imagination. All it takes is some looking around in your cabinets and seeing what can be put together. Some creativity and research never hurt.