Kennedy Recap:

Fall Sports

Hello everyone,

As we all know, fall sports are officially over and we are into the winter sports.  However, we have to look at accomplishments that have been made.  So let's begin with the recap of each individual sport:


Girls Tennis

The varsity team played well and ended with a 2-10 record.  The junior varsity however, continued to grow as the season went on and they finished 8-6.  Our teams were young and showed much promise for future years.

Girls Volleyball

Our varsity team again improved this year.  They went 9-17 overall and missed the playoffs by 1 game.  The junior varsity as well continued to improve.  We had more girls come out for the sport than ever before.


Our varsity team again made playoffs and ended up losing to El Cerrito in the first round by a score of 28-2.  Their record was 4-7.  The junior varsity and freshmen continued their trend and both won league for the 2nd second in a row.  JV finished at 7-3. Freshmen finished 6-3.

Cross Country

As a team, we competed in every race.  Varsity boys went 2-5 while jv went 1-6.  The girls were right there as well.  We had our first ever winner in NCS Division 3 Cross Country in David Frisbie and he finished 5th in the state competition.  This is a huge accomplishment.


Now, onto the more important part, the scholar teams.  A team earns the distinction of being a NCS Scholar Team only if their combined overall GPA for the team is above a 3.0.  Many students also were scholar athletes.  Any student- athlete that has a 3.5 or higher is considered a NCS Scholar Athlete.


Varsity Football- 3.04

Varsity Girls Volleyball- 3.6

Junior Varsity Football- 3.15

Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball- 3.63

Varsity Girls Tennis- 3.74

Junior Varsity Girls Tennis- 3.35

It is nice to see that our student athletes perform well on the field and also are willing to put the work in the classroom.


And for the All League Accomplishments.  Our student athletes are nominated and voted on by the coaches in our league.  The very best of the student athletes are given the distinction of being named All League Athletes for the MVAL.  Only varsity student athletes are eligible for this accolade.

Girls Volleyball

Lauren Trainor- First Team Hitter

Melina Goodwin- Honorable Mention

Shaine Anolin- Honorable Mention

Maddy Cutaia- Honorable Mention

Cross Country

David Frisbie- MVP

Girls Tennis

Destiny Trinh- Second Team Singles

Tiffany Tran- Honorable Mention Singles


Nicholas Loya- First Team Offensive Guard

Antonio Perez- First Team Defensive Back

Amari Jackson- Second Team Wide Receiver

Nicholas Palmer- Second Team Inside Linebacker

Darius Moses- Second Team Defensive Back

Joshua McKinnie- Second Team Punter

Lee Allen Weaver- Honorable Mention Center

Emerson Freeman- Honorable Mention Tight End

Shane Sanute- Honorable Mention Quarterback

Joshua McKinnie- Honorable Mention Running Back

Braxton Kiester- Honorable Mention Running Back


Overall, we again continued to grow as a school.  Our teams constantly are improving.  Our academic expectations are being upheld.  We are even getting recognition in the newspapers about excellent athletic performances.  With that comes our last thought, the overall John F Kennedy Fall Athletes of the Season.  David Frisbie and Shaine Anolin have been selected as the athletes of the fall season.  Please congratulate all our student athletes for doing well off and on the field.  Again, many of our sports had freshmen, sophomores and juniors leading the way.  There is a bright future as we continue to prove that we may be the smallest school, but we have the biggest drive.



Paul McDermott

Athletic Director