Fuller House

by Jessica Jolly

     Looking for a modern homey, family show filled with comedy, drama, and a whole lot of love? Well, you’re in the right place because Free forms hit TV Show Full House is coming home for a reunion with their Netflix TV Series Fuller House. Even more exciting is the fact that the series is bringing the same cast of the original TV show aside from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who refused to be part of the new series. This new series will broadcast Aunt Becky, Uncle Jesse, Stephanie, DJ, Steve, Danny, Joey, Michelle, and the twins all grown up and with a different point of view, but with that same old family love. Recently, three actresses from the original show were interviewed on the Ellen Show where they conveyed their excitement and anticipation to see how this new warm series would please new audiences. The original show has been known to have taught family values, manners, discipline, and how to deal with real life situations. Viewers and long-time fans of the show are binging on the episodes and indulging in the goofy and feel-good vibrations the show gives off, waiting for new episodes and seasons of the show to come.