We Rise Together

By Natalie Ramirez

No Child left Behind. Natalie Ramirez. K

GANAS is a program at Kennedy that helps get students on track for their grades, along with extra curricular activities. The program has several teachers that teach the course and teachers that help in the background. I asked Mr. Roman about GANAS:


Q. A lot of students at Kennedy do not know what GANAS is, so I asked Mr. Roman what the program is. 

Roman: “GANAS stands for; Gaining Attitudes and Accountability Necessary for Academic Success.” The GANAS teacher states that the program is guided by a book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. The first step, or habit, is having the student take responsibility for their lives. Students learn that there are certain things that we can control in our lives, and focus their attention and energy on those activities. The way a student responds to the activities should be parallel to the type of person they want to become. The goal of the class, according to Mr. Roman, is to see the value that each of them can bring to any type of relationship they come across in their lives. 


Q. The next question that I asked him was... What do you do as a teacher of GANAS? Roman: “We work with students to discuss their chosen path and we support the development of a plan to achieve the life they want. We hold students accountable to consistent effort and massive action.” Mr. Roman’s main goal is to empower and lift all of his students so that they can see how much potential they have in themselves. After the two terms for the elective are up, they take a trip to Yosemite, where the kids are put to the test. For three days, they are to use the tools and teamwork they built over the course for the activities they are put up against, while at Yosemite. 


Mr. Roman, who also is the football coach, uses his time with the students to direct Workout Wednesday and daily meditation practice. This helps the students relieve stress, from school work to just about any troubles that they struggle with. 


Q. Next, what is Mr. Roman’s personal goal as a GANAS teacher? 

Roman: “To ignite confidence and success in all areas of our students' lives, especially academically.” Mr. Roman pushes his students to become the best person they can be and to teach them lessons that they won’t just come across during school, but even when they leave high school. 


Q. So how does the GANAS program detect GANAS potential students? 

Ms. Teguia does research and works on finding students that are struggling academically. However, students must also have good attendance. Ms. Teguia meets with the students and introduces the program to them, seeing if they are possibly interested. From there, the students meet others and the teachers to start their path to success. GANAS is an amazing program at Kennedy that is created to support and help students get on track to becoming the person they want to become for the future. “Together We Rise!”