GOP Objects to Biden Nominees

By Jasmine Maung
GOP Objects.jpg
(Image: CTV News)

Joe Biden’s cabinet members are starting to communicate with the new Democratic administration, whose votes are dependent on rival Republicans. Their senators are trying to confirm Biden’s cabinet nominees. Biden will not be able to operate and will not have many votes, due to GOP senators refusing to confirm.

According to APNews, most Republicans seem to be ready to set the terms of debate and set a price for their votes on the nominees. Neera Tanden, Biden’s choice for budget chief, was instantly rejected. Anthony Blinken, his secretary of state nominee, revealed his record and the Biden team’s potential in the 2024 White House Campaigns.

Incoming presidents usually run into multiple problems with confirming cabinet members. The ones that fail to win enough votes and rub the Senate in the wrong way are usually forced to withdraw. Trump’s nominees were resisted by the Senate many times, and the Senate uses their minority-party status to make confirmation slower for lower positions. It has escalated the Senate’s procedural battles for many years. Biden will try to build up an administration during the COVID-19 crisis. He is also attempting to rebuild a government after Trump had removed many career professionals.

Some senate members on the Democratic side, such as Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Shumer, have praised Biden’s plan for the government. Shumer has scoffed at how the Republicans complained that Tanden posted many different tweets, when Trump has posted ones that caused endless chaos. Some of Biden’s choices are easier to confirm. Janet Yellen, who will become the first female Treasury Secretary in the nation, received a few public complaints from Republicans. Democrats have their own battles ahead as well. Biden will be trying to keep the party’s centrist and progressive factions from splintering.

Although most Republican Senators are not acknowledging Trump’s loss, they are creating new situations for Biden’s term. According to KCRA, the GOP is suspended from a president they need to keep close, Trump. To them, Trump is powerful, but they do not know how to approach president-elect Biden. Since the election, McConnell, an American Politician, has not spoken to Biden.

Republicans hold an advantage as the Senate is at 50-48. If Democrats win both Georgia seats in the runoff elections on January 5th, they would wrest control because Vice-President Kamala Harris would bring it to a tie. The nomination fights will serve as an early indicator of the approach the Republicans have taken towards Biden while they are finding their political place in a post-Trump environment. Trump is still wielding great influence over the party as he is being eased out, and the senators still need to keep him close.