Hershey’s Commercial Causes Holiday Backlash

By Paige Francis

Hershey’s Commercial Causes Holiday Back


A snapshot of the iconic Hershey's commercial

For the past 31 years, Hershey Co. has aired the same iconic commercial that features a group of Hershey’s Kisses playing the song “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” But for some reason, Hershey’s decided to  reinvent the commercial. This caused a ton of backlash as consumers missed this special commercial. People took to Twitter to share their thoughts on this new ad and it was even covered by Good Morning America.


Let’s talk about the original commercial. When this commercial starts playing, it’s officially the holiday season. The group of Kisses plays “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” finishing with one of the Kisses ringing its bell like it’s the performance of its life. At the end, the Kiss sighs in relief- a perfect commercial! Since this has been playing for 31 years, people would think it would remain this way for 31 more. However, this was the year change happened and the audience was not happy.


The new commercial starts off exactly like the original, convincing the audience that the original will play. A few beats into the song, the music changes and cuts to a little girl and her dad making cookies with the Hershey’s Kisses. The ad is very sweet and is full of holiday cheer, but not the cheer people were looking forward to this year. Fans were also upset because Hershey’s stopped running the original ad entirely, exclusively playing the new one. "Hershey’s redoing their Christmas commercial is personally the last straw of 2020 for me," one person tweeted. "I simply cannot go on without hearing the little hershey kiss sigh after the performance of his lifetime."


Finally, a compromise was reached. Hershey’s agreed to run both ads and restore the holiday cheer viewers were missing. Hershey’s released a statement to assure fans they would start playing the original commercial again, and why they changed the ad. "We made the decision to make a slight update to the original that kept the opening holiday melodies and incorporated another holiday tradition, baking — melding together these two time-honored traditions," the statement read. "From playing the bells to baking peanut butter blossoms, it’s Hershey's Kisses that have stood the test of time...For viewers who love our original – don’t worry, we’ll be running both holiday ads this season," Hershey's continued. "Keep your eyes peeled for our classic and iconic Bells spot as well as the newest 'Bells to Blossoms."