How Mount Ili Lewotolok Affects Indonesian Lives

By Caryl Nivera

How Mount Ili Lewotolok Affects Indonesi

RTE, Ireland’s National Television and Radio Broadcaster

A cloud of smoke and ash coming out of the volcano

 Last month an active volcano in Indonesia erupted causing residents in that region to seek refuge. The volcano emitted immense smoke and ash, which slightly billowed the region. Fortunately, there were no reports of injuries or damage. But authorities are wary of potential lava flows as the volcano’s status alludes so. 


Mount Ili Lewotolok is located in the Ring of Fire, notorious for its earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In the past, there were records of volcanic activity of Mt. Ili Lewotolok, which hence suggested an eruption was imminent. On November 29, 2020, Mount Ili Lewotolok erupted. More than 2,700 residents were devastated and forced to evacuate. Especially amidst this pandemic, as residents are vulnerable to contact COVID-19.


According to Doni Monardo, head of National Disaster Mitigation Agency, “I want to assess the disaster mitigation efforts myself, to make sure they are being carried out in accordance with prevailing mechanisms and regulations.” He expressed commitment to assure the evacuees aren’t burdened by the eruption and COVID-19. To clarify, “What I do is based on the state’s order, to make sure that the government is always present. The people’s safety is the highest priority” said Monardo. Preventing the volcanic eruptions is improbable, but damage can be mitigated.