JFK Photography

by Gustavo Rojas


            It is the year 2016, and the Kennedy campus has a photography club at last! The club was organized by current president, Lisa Li, “I was extremely shocked at how a photography club did not exist on campus, I then realized it was a need for it to happen".

     The club welcomes photographers of all experience levels; they are a community who explore each other's variety of tactics, experiences and passions  This club offers an environment in which  to socialize as well. No camera? No problem! The club is supported by Mr. Murray, who has agreed to lend equipment to the club for its members to use.

             If you enjoy activities within a club, you should consider JFK Photography, for it participates in competitions, contests and schedules photo shoots for its members to explore and expand their skills. One such competition, was the PTSA Reflection competition, hosted by the National PTA organization.  Competitors were given a theme, then they had to use their imagination to capture an image that explains or depicts the theme the best. Along with these successful events, the club also has fundraisers, it’s most popular fundraiser, is a night out at a milk tea joint called One Tea, located in Warm Springs. With the profits accumulated, the club is purchasing new equipment and investing it into multicultural week.

            At the moment, the club is young and still growing, and it is close to forming an alliance with Irvington High School’s photography club, to expand its members and contribute more ideas to make it a fun experience for all. Aside from this growth, the club is available for contracting! Not only are they available for journalism and yearbook, to capture moments of school events and so on, but the club can serve in capturing sports and other activities as long as terms can be agreed upon prior to the shoot. 

     With all of this said, look into photography club and become part of it! The club’s advisor is the fabulous Ms. Dollard, who manages and oversees it. The club meets frequently on Tuesdays in room 352, so don’t be afraid to stop by!