Manifesting Your Dream Life

Adriana Garcia

With the New Year approaching, we are once again met with a familiar saying; the concept of “New year, new me.” This idea usually doesn’t hold uo, as most people quit their New Year’s resolutions, and others decide to table their resolutions and others decide to table their resolutions later in the year.

  But what is holding us back from starting now? What is holding us back from becoming the best version of ourselves now? Yes, some may debate that, “it’s a tradition, it will feel more wholesome if I start aligning the new habits with the New Year.” However, in the grand scheme of life, time is precious, and realistically, the sooner you start, the sooner your resolutions will become a habit.

  Limiting beliefs are what hold us back. We think it will all “mess up” if we don’t align it with the New Year. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, why not ponder about what could go right? Yes, it is much easier said than done, but it is possible, by manifesting your thoughts into reality. Whether it be on spiritual terms or not, we can find evidence of this in everyday life. For example, if, say that before you sleep one night, you express gratitude for every opportunity you encounter, then you sleep feeling calm the next morning. You practice this every night until eventually, life starts to improve in front of your eyes. Job offers, new people, and money flow in. Now, this also happens because you worked, gaining that money, cut off toxic relationships to make room for new ones, and most importantly, maintained faith that all of this would happen. The keys to manifestation are trust, affirmations, and taking action. The number one enemy of success is fear; it diminishes the spark that leads us to new paths in life. It gives us anxiety, causing us to stay in the same position.

  Now, when asked the question, “When do you plan on improving yourself,” would you say today, or would you postpone it? 

 If a $100 opportunity was in front of you, would you take that opportunity immediately, or would you postpone it?
  You see, when the result is not directly in front of us, we tend to lose hope. Ultimately, life does not work like that. You could have opportunities within reach, but you may not be able to reach them because of your mindset. Just because we may not literally see fruition on its way, it does not mean it’s gone. Opportunities are imminent, and when we learn to release doubt/fear, we are given the fruit of life.

   If you are reading this, this is your sign to go do it. Invest in yourself. Start that idea you’ve been wanting to, but have been scared to do so. Start implementing ways you can improve yourself, whether it be journaling what you’re grateful for, eating healthier, running, waking up earlier, or being more vulnerable, etc. Whatever it may be, now is the time to do so. If not now, when? The only thing holding you back is yourself.