No Posting on National Disability Day, December 3rd

National Disibility Day.png

By Adriana Garcia

Despite the holidays coming up, many of us are ignorant to one of the most inclusive days of the year- National Disability Day! This includes all who have a physical or mental disability. Disabled creators on TikTok have made an announcement that out of respect, the non-disabled should refrain from posting this day, in order to highlight those with disabilities. All of the disabled are encouraged to post this day and celebrate diversity!

  Social media platforms such as TikTok are special places where communities grow! The deaf, blind, and other communities have blossomed on this app, inspiring others while having fun. This celebration is amazing, since the “for you page” tends to shadowban. Shadowbanning is when an account is not able to be searched up by others, but it still exists. TikTok has a past of shadowbanning queer creators, girls showing skin, and social justice videos. This form of ableism, a social prejudice against people with disabilities, should most definitely not be tolerated, ever. National Disability Day truly is a beautiful day that unfortunately goes unnoticed. Mark your calendars for December 3rd to refrain from posting if you are not a member of the disabled community! Use this day to honor creators who deserve recognition and take action. As always, remember to keep your intentions pure!