Natural Disasters Can Be Prevented, But How?

By Andrea Pader

Natural Disasters can be prevented, but


Here we can see the cause and effects of global warming

Recently, America has been under attack by various forms of natural disasters, affecting people coast to coast. In California on August 18, 2020, Death Valley recorded a high temperature of 130 degrees, the highest temperature increase since 1913. Along with the temperature increase, thunder and lightning storms blew across the state causing wildfires to burn over 1000 acres of land. According to Abrahm Lustgarten from ProPublica,” Over the next two weeks, 900 blazes incinerated six times as much land as all the state’s 2019 wildfires combined, forcing 100,000 people from their homes.” The effects of the wildfires impacted so many people that it can cause a possible migration out of California. 


Following the destruction in California, the midwest is under attack by floods. “...destructive floods inundate towns and fields from the Dakotas to Maryland, collapsing dams in Michigan and raising the shorelines of the Great Lakes”(ProPublica). The south is being hit by Hurricane Laura, and Phoenix also being hit with another heatwave. This means that the population in the midwest may need to migrate as they will be forced out of their homes due to the floods, people in Louisiana will need to move to save themselves from the hurricane, and people in Phoenix may move due to the heatwave that could potentially be deadly. Because of all the natural disasters, it may cause a great migration inwards of America.


All the natural disasters occurring across America are examples of climate change, as the heat is the cause of all the problems. The wildfires were caused by the dry forest grounds, giving lighting greater kindling for the fires. The dry forest grounds were caused by the drought that California went through in the years prior to the fires. The floods were caused by the melting snow in the mountain in the midwest. This leads to more water flowing from the mountains causing floods. And the great heat waves in Arizona and California are caused directly because of global warming. Knowing the cause of all the natural disasters, we can prevent a great migration and the deaths of thousands of people, by attacking global warming. 


We can help with global warming by being energy efficient. Turn of devices you aren’t using and switch to renewable energy. Renewable energy can be solar panels or switching to electric cars. If switching cars is not an option for people, then they can carpool to reduce the gas amounts from two to one. We must reduce the amount of water we use and lower usage of air conditioning. It is important to think about our carbon footprint on a daily basis, as it may affect thousands of people in the future from natural disasters that are preventable.