New York Fashion Week Changes for the Better: What to Expect

By Brisa Miranda Ramirez










The forthcoming fashion week is unlike in recent years. With a plethora of changes, New York Fashion Week is moving forward. From no celebrities packing the front row to the non-existent stiletto-heeled crowds, does it actually make sense to do New York Fashion Week in 2020? Yes, organizers of the fashion show say it is all about economic endurance.

The spring 2021 season will appear different because of the ongoing pandemic, which has effectively excluded the in-person shows that have been the norm. Steven Kold, chief executive of the council of Fashion Designers of America, who organizes the event says, “Ultimately fashion is a business, and Fashion Week is a platform for designers to do business… So this is about jobs’s about people’s livelihoods. It’s about moving forward, but cautiously, with safety in mind.”

Safety is the number one priority. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), has been pushing designers to pursue a digital Fashion Week. Precautions, of course, are essential. The restrictions include required COVID tests, social distancing, wearing masks, and a limit of 50 guests. Leslie Russo, the biggest producer of shows for the New York Fashion Week, says “Many of these shifts will be lasting,”. Sports broadcasts have been offering new ideas that include streaming live fashion shows. Russo says “The energy of live is never going away. People consume fashion like a sport. You follow your favorite models. People follow season to season.”


Fashion Week is going to be done virtually, less than than a handful of labels have decided to show their spring collections in-person. Some of the designers of these collections are Rebecca Minkoff, Jason Wu, and Christian Siriano. The pandemic has led to many cancellations. Which designers are not attending? Well, larger brands such as Michael Kors have adopted a new production schedule that won’t be ready until October.


The spring of 2021 season could be perhaps the most urgent of a lifetime. This season quite possibly is less about the clothing and more about an industry’s stubborn determination to be able to survive and fulfill their purpose: bringing joy. Serendipity has gone away. Everything must be planned now; from masks to sanitizing. It may be a long time before the world gets back to pre-coronavirus normal and fashion is one of the many things to remind us of what it is like. The future is unpredictable, but happy times can come out of difficult challenges and fashion, like humanity, is resilient.

_New York Fashion Week Changes for the B
_New York Fashion Week Changes for the B
_New York Fashion Week Changes for the B