Procrastinators Unite: Halloween Costumes

by Lisa Li

The presence of fake spider webs, tombstones, and jack-o-lanterns hints that Halloween is coming faster than you’d realize. Families stock up on candy, begin to coordinate costumes, and soon Halloween is looming over your shoulder. If you’re planning on searching stores for a last minute costume or just going as your ‘twin’, there is a solution to this dilemma.

1. Waldo

Where’s Waldo? In your home, of course! To make this simple costume, wear a red and white striped shirt, jeans, thick glasses, and a red/white striped beanie. Complete the look by hiding in random spots in public and jumping out saying, “Here I am!”

2. Katniss Everdeen

This famous tribute in the 74th Hunger Games can come to life with items in your closet. Wear black leggings, a brown or black tunic shirt, combat boots, and a brown jacket. Add on a pin, realistically a mockingbird, for your own twist on the classic outfit. Grab a small hiking backpack, a set of toy bow and arrows, and you’re ready to go.

3. Zombie

Go as one of the living dead this Halloween! Choose a shirt you’re fine with painting and use red dye or paint and splatter the surface for a fake blood effect. Mess up your hair and spray it with temporary green coloring. Drip ‘blood’ over the other items of clothing you are wearing. Using face paint, cover your face and arms with smears of red and any other colors as ‘blood’ or ‘stains’. Roam the campus ‘searching’ for brains to freak out your friends.  

4. Candy Corn

All you need is an orange skirt/pants, a yellow top, and a white cardigan. Together, you have a quick ‘candy corn’ costume for when you’re in a rush.

5. Rosie the Riveter

Pair a blue button-down shirt with jeans and a red bandana. Roll up the shirt sleeves to the elbows, put on some boots, tie your hair up, strike the classic pose.

6. Cereal Killer

Grab an empty cereal box and attach string to the sides with tape. Take a fork and stab the cover to create holes. Use red paint to splatter the box. Put a plastic spoon in one of the holes and tie the strings around your body. You can also store candy inside the box.

7. Hogwarts Student

Adventure into the world of wizards and pose as a Hogwarts Student! They’ll never know you’re a muggle in this disguise. First, wear a plain black or gray skirt/pants and a white button-down shirt. Pair knee-length black/gray socks with boots or flats. ­Then, put on a gray cardigan or sweater vest on the white shirt. Either buy or substitute something for a black hooded robe. Pull on a scarf or tie with your house’s colors (Gryffindor-red/gold, Ravenclaw-blue/silver, Slytherin-green/silver, Hufflepuff-yellow/black) and you’ve successfully fooled half the Hogwarts population.

8. In Case of Emergency, Make a Mask

You’ve been invited to a friend’s Halloween party but it starts in half an hour. You have no costume, and no time. Here is a basic idea for a last-ditch effort in disguise. You will need: paper plates, string, markers, pencils, glitter, feathers, scissors, and glue. First, take one paper plate and draw guide lines so you can cut it in half. Next, draw eyeholes so you can see through it. Then, poke holes in the sides of the plate and pull the strings through it. Now, all you have to do is use the remaining items to decorate your mask. It may not be much, but you’ve successfully created a disguise of sorts.

9. Classic Ghost

Pull off the classic ghost look by taking a large plain sheet and cutting holes out for your eyes. Next, drape it over your body and creep up on people yelling, BOO!

10. Math Homework

This is by far the most terrifying costume, however it is easy to make. Take a plain shirt and a permanent marker. Write your math homework’s problems and other equations on the front and back. At school, this could give just about any student quite the scare.