QAnon Making Its Way to Congress

By Manroop Bains
QAnon Making its Way to Congress.Manroop
Representative-Elect, Marjorie Taylor Greene (

In November 2017, Atlanta business owner, Marjorie Taylor Greene posted a lengthy video on “Facebook,” of her explaining all of the elements of the QAnon conspiracy theory. The video was eventually taken down, in which Greene stated, “Q is a patriot, we know that for sure,” but some of the things that “Q” has done don’t  exactly seem patriotic. Earlier this year, Greene announced that she was running for Congress in Georgia's 14th congressional district.


QAnon is a conspiracy theory run  by a user referred to as “Q”. This unidentified person called “Q” first posted a series of cryptic messages on the anonymous social media platform, 4chan, claiming that “President Trump is waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshipping pedophiles in government, business and the media,” despite not listing any factual evidence to back up those claims. QAnon followers believe that one day this battle will lead to “a day of reckoning,” where prominent figures in society, like former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, will be arrested and executed. Since then, “Q” has gained hundreds of thousands of followers, who’ve seen his messages through social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc, all of whom refer to QAnon as “another news outlet.”


Some of QAnon’s conspiracy theories have even instigated real-life violence. For example, back in September 2019, 41-year-old Timothy Larson was arrested for allegedly smashing up a Catholic church in Sedona, Arizona, while shouting that the Catholic church supports child- trafficking, because it was “a mission” from QAnon. Oftentimes, Republican politicians will even attach QAnon hashtags, like “#WeareQ” at the end of their social media posts to promote the user and some have even made references to QAnon before, such as citing that human and child trafficking is a campaign priority.


Most of the time, Republican candidates who use QAnon as a way to promote their campaign, tend to lose against Democratic candidates in blue states. However, in November, Marjorie Taylor Greene was declared the U.S. Representative-Elect for the 14th congressional district in Georgia. This raises the question, what’s next?