Restoring American Leadership

By Jasmine Maung
Restoring American Leadership.jpg

On November 7th, Joe Biden was elected as the 46th president of the United States earning 279 electoral votes over Trump's 214. Mr. Trump will leave the White House in January, and Biden will take his place as president. According to Joe Biden’s official campaign website, he has a list of plans for the United States that he hopes to accomplish in the next four years.

Biden’s main focus at the moment is the threat of COVID-19 and how we can get it under control. The Biden-Harris transition site states that they will always listen to science, ensure public health decisions are informed by public health professionals, and promote trust, transparency, common purpose, and accountability in our government. Biden and Kamala have a seven-point plan to control COVID-19. They want to ensure that Americans have access to free testing, fix PPE (personal protective equipment) problems, provide resources for schools and families, plan for effective vaccines, protect older Americans and other high-risk citizens, rebuild and expand the defenses that Trump dismantled during the pandemic, and implement mask mandates nationwide. So far, he has laid out a plan that should work to combat the coronavirus.

Biden also has a plan for economic recovery and helping people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic. He plans to create millions of good-paying jobs and hopes to give America’s working families the tools, choices, and freedom they need to build back better. Biden will provide state, local, and tribal governments with the aid they need so that their essential workers aren’t laid off, and he will extend COVID crisis unemployment insurance to help those that are out of work. Biden’s site states that his plan will build a better economy again. This means an updated social contract that treats workers at all times, helps small businesses during the pandemic

The third part of Biden’s plan is to give every American affordable healthcare. On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. Because of Obamacare, over 100 million people are free of worries over insurance companies denying coverage or charging higher premiums due to pre-existing conditions. However, over the past 10 years, the Affordable Care Act has been attacked by Republicans who are attempting to repeal it. Biden will protect the Affordable Care Act as it has helped many American’s with their healthcare insurance. In addition to that, he will improve the Affordable Care Act by giving Amercians more choices, reducing health care costs, and making the US healthcare system less complex and easier to navigate. Overall, Biden’s main goal is to give every American access to healthcare, provide aid to families and workers, dismantle greedy prescription drug corporations, and ensure that every American receives fair treatment.

Biden has over thirty-five plans for when he becomes president, but those are just his initial top priorities. Biden’s main goal is to ensure all Americans are treated fairly, and he hopes to make the United States into the progressive country it once was.