by Gerardo Tejeda

         Technology is advancing every day, giving the hint that at some point it will reach the capacity of the human brain and even surpass the mind. However, researchers and scientists are beginning to predict that humanity and technology will converge as one, rather than separate and compete.  American author, inventor, futurist and Director of Engineering at Google, Raymond Kurzweil, predicts that the Singularity is very near. Big Think states that in physics, the term Singularity “Dictates that in the gravity of a black hole, which increases exponentially as it is approached, there is a threshold distance away from the center, the Event Horizon, past which nothing can return,” therefore, the black hole becomes infinite. The Singularity will likely be achieved when the power of computers and technology hits a speed that will fundamentally change the world. Kurzweil predicts that computers and technology will mix with biology and become one.  

          A good example of what the Singularity will entail is nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is currently under development, however, it will not take long for nano-bots to be used. This technology will range from everyday clothes to food to medicine. Nano-bots would be used as anti-bodies in the blood stream and could possibly replace pesticides to protect crops. In fact, states that it will likely become the cure-all medicine, since it will help detect illnesses and assist your immune system in fighting it with no harmful side-effects. Nanotechnology is expected to be fully developed in a few decades and will have a huge effect on humanity.

          Although the Singularity is predicted to come within a few decades, other physicists predict that it will likely not happen for another few centuries. Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, says that computers are nowhere close to becoming this powerful in a few decades. Dr. Kaku states “Our most advanced robot has the intellectual capability of a mentally challenged cockroach. But over the years they will become as smart as a mouse, rabbit, fox, dog, cat and eventually a monkey. When they become as smart as a monkey, they will set their own goals and can be potentially dangerous, however humans will put chips or switches that disable them if they become rebellious.” This means that technology still has some way to go before becoming as intelligent as the human brain. All in all, the Singularity will have beneficiary effects on humanity sooner or later, whether it be in the near or distant future.