Social Distanced Fashion Show with Puppets

By Ananya Rajeshkumar


 Puppet Fashion Show- My Modern Met

Since we have been in quarantine for the past eight months, many groups, shows, competitions, and events have been cancelled. Like those, fashion shows have also been largely affected. As fashion shows got cancelled too, it has been hard for designers to get their new work out in the public eye. Some fashion designers have been having a hard time launching their new collections as well due to the COVID-19 situation.


Designers had to get creative to show off their new designs and collections. Moschino, the iconic Italian brand, did not get to have their conventional runway show this year, but they found a solution to make up for it. Carrying on the former creative director Franco Moschino’s legacy, the line was able to have a socially distanced fashion show: with puppets. Sara Barnes wrote in the article, “The show—aptly titled No Strings Attached—featured puppets designed by The Jim Henson Company Creature Shop.” Even though real-life people were not able to attend, the designers all got together and found 40 doll-sized marionettes, which were set to resemble not only the models, but also the audience that would have been there. 


Moschino’s designers had to come up with something creative that would replicate what the real models would have worn. Each piece of clothing was designed to display the interior construction on the outside of the garment itself. “‘Dresses are carefully crafted inversely,” Moschino explains, “while tulle under-skirts extend beyond hemlines, creating unconventional proportions and silhouettes.’” The designers took a lot of time to put the show on, even if the models were puppets. Moschino got its inspiration from the year and situation we are in. The team specifically said that since everything evolves over time, so does fashion, hoping to find a creative way to showcase their work in the midst of a pandemic. And not only that, the pandemic has brought out designers to push their creative limits and find new ways to express their talent through fashion design.


When it came to actually modeling the puppets, they diction each model with different pieces of clothing. Each model represented a life-like person. All of them were wearing different hairstyles, the designer clothing, and every model was given an accessory like a purse or clutch. The models were also very diverse, consisting of skin colors. Sara Barnes captioned, “Moschino's creative director, Jeremy Scott, also made an appearance….” Jeremy Scott, Moschino’s creative designer put together the whole fashion show, but he also thought of something creative. In the form of a puppet, he made an appearance in the show wearing black pants and a shirt that says, “I don't speak Italian but I do speak Moschino.” The legendary Anna Wintour also made a special guest appearance in the fashion show: as a puppet of course. 


These times are very difficult for everyone and this fashion show really uplifted designers' moods. Even though no one was able to actually attend the show in person, the puppet models were such a creative idea and a good way for the designers to express their talent. Since this virus has also caused many clothing lines to stall in their release, this was a way that designers were able to showcase their ideas and love for designing. And it was all possible, thanks to a socially distanced fashion show with puppets.