5 Things You Can Do to be More Sustainable 

By Lauren Benson

5 Things You Can Do to be More Sustainab


Being sustainable can help improve our planet

1.Go vegan or vegetarian or reduce your meat and dairy intake. 

The meat and dairy industry is horrible for the environment. It uses a lot of land, water, and cows release a chemical that is harmful to the environment in their burps and farts. Reducing meat and dairy intake is one of the best things a single person can do to help the environment. 


2.Shop secondhand or from small, sustainable businesses

Around 26 billion or so pounds of clothing is thrown into landfills each year. Stop buying items from fast fashion companies that you will only wear once, instead thrift and help stop the unnecessary waste. Plus, you can get cheap one of a kind items at the thrift store. 


3.Be mindful of your consumption and consumerism 

According to the Saturday Evening Post, the average American throws away 81 pounds of clothing each year. Overconsumption is a serious problem, you do not need to spend $200 on sites like Shein or Forever 21 for a ton of clothing that you will wear once or twice before you throw it away. Fast fashion is terrible for the environment, not to mention the horrible labor conditions that go into making these cheap pieces. Instead, you could spend that money on a couple sustainable sites that you would get better use out of. Ask yourself who your money is going to and where you want your money to go. 


4.Buy less products that come in single use plastic packaging 

A great option is buying your face wash, body wash, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner in bar forms from places like Lush. These bars will come in little paper bags and you put them in your own tin to escape the unnecessary plastic packaging traditional body care items may come in. Also, always bring your own bags to the grocery store. During the current pandemic this may not be possible, but when things go back to normal you can bring your own cup to coffee shops and skip the plastic ones that produce harmful waste. 


5.Start using the green bin

Next time you need to throw away a banana peel or a paper towel, put it in your green bin instead of the trash. Composting is better for the environment than landfills are. Apple cores, coffee filters, food leftovers, and plant remnants are all examples of waste that is compostable. Some packaging or single use silverware from restaurants are compostable as well, just check them out before you throw them away. 


Although global warming is not the fault of individual people, everyone can do their part to help the environment. Little things can add up.