The Best Indie Films of All Time

by Liana Gonzalez


Independent filmmakers display their personal visions in an artistic way when making indie films. Indie films are produced outside of the major film industry with a much smaller budget. Many people prefer to sit and watch an indie film rather than a well-known movie that is playing on the big screens. Here are some of the best indie films of all time.

Reservoir Dogs (1992): Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs falls under the genres of thriller and drama. Joe Cabot, a crime boss hires six criminals who are complete strangers to one another. They are given the job of carrying out a jewelry robbery, when everything goes terribly wrong. Two of the criminals were shot dead during a shootout as the cops arrived on scene of the robbery. The remaining members who survived began to suspect that one of them is an undercover cop.

Dazed and Confused (1993): The last day of high school for a group of reckless teenagers in Austin, Texas in the 70's results in the upperclassmen finding a way to kick off the summer. They started it by hunting down incoming freshman, bullying them, and then bringing them along on their shenanigans for the rest of the evening. While some athletes promised to abstain from drugs and alcohol, they could not stray. The night was filled with drunken teens spending time in a local pool hall enjoying their youth. This movie is fun and exciting and makes you view life differently.

Reality Bites (1994): A group of friends living in Houston, Texas are trying to figure out who they are as people. This movie gives insight on the lives of young adults who are trying to get a grip on the ways of life. They are searching for work and love in the world. A documentary filmmaker, Lelaina, who just graduated from college as the valedictorian of her class, films the daily lives of her closest friends. The plans she had for herself are not going as planned so she is finding her way around them. Through the obstacles thrown in the way, the values most important to each character are learned.

Pulp Fiction (1994): After a suitcase is stolen from Marcellus Wallace, the leader of a mob, he sends two hit men out to find and retrieve it. Wallace also asks one of his hit men Vincent, for another favor while he is out of town. Vincent is asked to take Wallace's wife Mia out and while he does, a few unexpected incidents take place. None of these people are related in any way but they are somehow woven into each other's lives at the end of it all. Pulp Fiction is a rollercoaster ride with many unforgettable scenes. The very famous Quentin Tarantino directed this masterpiece.

Leon: The Professional (1994): At a young age, 12 year old Mathilda has seen the worst parts in life. After having her entire family murdered by a twisted DEA agent and his partners, Mathilda is taken in by her neighbor, Leon. He is a professional assassin who teaches his skills to Mathilda who wants to get revenge on the men who killed her little brother.

Donnie Darko (2001): Donnie Darko has managed to survive a freak accident caused by supernatural events. Donnie does not connect well with his family, teachers, or classmates because of his differences and mental illness. He has an imaginary friend named Frank, a human sized bunny, who only he can see. Throughout the movie, Donnie finds the meaning of life and love while uncovering the truth about the universe.