The Deep and Dangerous Internet

By Yuliya Eruslanova

Image of Takahiro-Shiraishi

The internet is a huge platform. It is so big that mostly everything on it is not even known by the majority of people who use it. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and even Facebook are some of the most common medias out there today that people use to talk to friends, meet new people, and post about their lives. The farther you go into these media platforms the more deep, terrifying, and dangerous things appear. Anyone can be whoever they want on the internet. They may act a certain way to attract various people, they can lie about their names, ages, who they work as, and where they live.


Takahiro Shiraishi, also known as the “Twitter killer’’,was arrested back in 2017, after human remains were discovered in his flat. According to BBC, this man would contact women and men in a fragile mental state because he saw them as “easier” people to lure into his flat. He seemed like a nice person wanting to help others. His twitter bio read, “I want to help people who are really in pain. Please DM anytime.” Eight women, one only 15, and one man contacted the individual wanting help. All of these people were later found dead in his flat. This year, Shiraishi pleaded guilty and is awaiting a death sentence.

Serial Killer John Edward Robinson used online chat rooms to lure eight women into his home. According to Murderpedia, this all took place in the years 1984-2000. He used the name John Osbore to meet one of the victims, who was never to be found again. To another woman, he lied and said that he was a wealthy man who would pay for her 15 year old daughter's therapy, since she was in a wheelchair. John and the woman and her daughter moved from California to Kansas City, where the women both disappeared. Robinson was arrested in 2000, but given the death sentence in 2002.

Lastly, a man by the name of Peter Chapman found his victim on the media platform Facebook. According to Life Death Prizes, he created a fake profile, under the name Peter Cartwright and messaged various women. Only one replied to Peter, she got into the car that Peter was driving. Peter lied and said he was the “father” of Cartwright-the person he was acting as. The woman then became his victim.

According to the site Life Death Prizes, some other murderers who found their victims online are: Lisa M Montgomery, Micheal John Anderson, David Heiss, Lewis Daynes, and Armin Meiwes. It is beyond important to know exactly who people are taking to, so situations like the ones above never happen. Suspicious accounts and people online should immediately be blocked and reported, just in case. The internet is a massive platform with so many mysteries that could be very dangerous and caution is always advised when using the internet.