Anime Review: “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K”

By Brisa Miranda Ramirez

BB.TV show review_ The Disastrous World

A comedy show’s main purpose is to provide some good laughs. In this respect,  one show does better than any other show that I have seen before: “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K” is a comedy series on Netflix that follows a high school boy with insanely powerful psychic abilities. Kusuo Saiki is someone who is constantly annoyed with his powers and wants to live an average life. This character and plot combination allows for some hilarious situations which mostly involve Saiki trying to live his life without being forced into anything that would draw attention to him. But, for some reason, Saiki is always thrown into the spotlight that he tries so hard to avoid.

Here is where the brilliance of the show comes into play, Saiki, the main character, is surrounded by a cast of characters that force their way into his life. Episodes of the show follow Saiki’s plans to escape them. This dynamic is what makes this show truly hilarious and unique. The captivating part of the series is that there is an incredibly huge cast of characters, all of whom have specific exaggerated traits. The variety of these characters are essentially running gags that get thrown into random situations. Kaidou, for example, is an immature, delusional character, who believes he is an ultra-powerful being in charge of defeating an evil organization called “Dark Reunion.” In actuality, he is just a regular high school student. Kaidou’s interactions with Saiki are hilarious due to Kaidou being convinced he is a psychic even though Saiki is one himself. Teruhashi, the popular and beautiful girl, who is deeply in love with Saiki because he is the only person who ever ignores her, and Hairo, the sporty, tryhard, and motivational friend. 


Although the TV show is labeled as a comedy, it can pull off some really wholesome and heart-touching moments. Saiki is annoyed with everyone that surrounds him, but there are certain moments where he defends his friends because although they irritate him, they are still his loved ones. His life at home can be hectic due to his foolish parents but at the end of the day, they are family and still love each other. The series is a perfect blend of comedy and passive storytelling, and a well-put-together cast. One would say it is one of the best comedy shows, if not the best. The show does not rely on simple gimmicks, gags, or shock humor. The jokes are thought out, carefully planned, and has its own limitation from which it never diverges. Kusuo Saiki’s powers may appear random at times, but the show explains his powers/ limitations which is helpful for the viewers to understand.