Things You Need to Do Every Day

By Isabella Canale


Stretch: Stretching each day is very important for flexibility, posture, and releasing tension. The exercise increases blood and nutrient flow to the muscles, allowing for an increase in energy and reduction in soreness. 


Go for a Walk: During COVID-19, taking time out of your day to go outside is as crucial as ever. Taking a walk can loosen your muscles while also giving you a break from the computer and indoor environment.



Read- With TikTok being the one of the most downloaded apps, it is safe to say people are more interested in watching videos than reading books. However, books and magazines (or any reading material) are very important for the mind to increase its vocabulary and reduce stress.


Give Back- Giving back to your community could be at a volunteer event or simply picking up a piece of trash on your way home. Even just giving someone a compliment is a way to show gratitude and make someone else happy.