The Tiny House Movement

by Liana Gonzales

Tiny houses are the newest social movement where people all over the world are choosing to minimize their living spaces. Tiny houses come in many different shapes. They are only around 100 to 400 square feet, while the average American home is about 2,600 square feet. These miniature homes can be delivered to your doorstep or be built on site.

Owning a tiny house varies widely in price. Building your own tiny home is less expensive than if you were to have it built by a professional contractor. Although, a self-built home would take much longer and would require some experience in construction work.  The cost of a DIY tiny home can range from $6,000-$6,500. The pros of building your own home are that you can use your imagination and be as creative as possible. To have a tiny house built for you it can cost up to $12,000. These homes can also be delivered to your doorstep. Tiny houses on wheels can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $80,000.

 People are joining the tiny house movement for a number of different reasons, such as environmental concerns, financial issues, and simply because it's kind of cool. Investing in a tiny home is the best decision some people have ever made. It can be a big money saver in many ways. With such a compact living space comes fewer cluttering possessions. Tiny house owners are less likely to spend money on junk they don't actually need.


Money can be saved by designing your own energy system with solar panels and wind turbines. The sunshine can keep all household appliances up and running. The negative side of solar panels or windmills and their batteries is that they are heavy and need to be maintained constantly. The closer your home is built to a water or gas company, the less they will charge you for their services. Though, most people who own a tiny house are concerned about the environment and prefer to not go through these companies. Those who choose to live far from the cities use composting toilets. These can be homemade or bought already set up. It is cheap and easy to make your own composting toilet.

Self-contained compost toilets get rid of waste on its own so you don’t have to deal with it. It has fans or heaters to reduce the odors. The self-contained toilets can get pretty pricy, from $800 to $2000. Instead of going through a water company, water systems can be set up for showering and other daily water uses. These are real big money savers because you are not paying hundreds of dollars to companies each month.

Who lives in tiny houses? Anyone can live in tiny houses: families, travelers, and the elderly. Anyone who prefers quality over quantity would be a perfect fit for life in a tiny house. The tiny house movement is a growing social movement that will continue to spread and catch the interest of many more people.