Top Four Mobs in Minecraft

By Keanu Lim

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Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably know what Minecraft is at this point. If you don’t know, it's a sandbox game, where you can survive and explore your own world. A big factor in Minecraft are the mobs in the game, and they can be very useful at times. Mobs are living creatures in the game, such as animals like pigs, or monsters like zombies. Here’s my list of the top four mobs that you might want to find in Minecraft.


4. Chickens

Chickens are probably one of the best animals Minecraft has to offer, let alone mobs. When you think of chickens, you might see it as just another animal for food. Well, unlike other animals, chickens are self-sufficient. Other animals like sheep and cows can only reproduce by being fed wheat, but chickens are different. Chickens are able lay eggs, and by building a simple contraption, you are able to easily grow your chicken farm, without tending to them at all. Moreover, chickens are useful for making arrows from their feathers and for crafting cake by using their eggs. If you’re completely useless and can’t do anything for yourself, the least you can do is make a chicken farm.


3. Cows

If you spent your time making a chicken farm, you might as well make a cow farm too, because they’re just important. Unlike chickens, cows aren’t self-sufficient, but tending to them is definitely worth it for the benefits they bring. Cows are a great source of food. They give the most hunger bars after eating and have good saturation. Cows also drop leather, which can be used for a number of items. Leather can be used to craft armor and books. Books are really important because they are used to raise the enchantment levels of your enchanting table. The last thing you want is to craft diamond gear just to not have it enchanted, you might as well delete the game unless you like breaking your armour every five minutes.


2. Horses

Do you like running everywhere and eating every five seconds? I don’t either, and I prefer not doing that in Minecraft as well. Horses are super important, if you want to travel long distances in a short amount of time, especially in the early game. Horses are the fastest mob in the game that you are able to ride. They greatly reduce travel time and you save food from not always running. Although they are a great addition to the game, it can be hard to obtain them. Horses also vary in speed and jump height. Though you might find some horses, finding a good one for travel may take a while. Unless you’re a manic, a horse is a mob you might want to get your hands on.


1. Endermen

When first starting up your new Minecraft world, endermen may be very intimidating.

They’re tall, they make scary noises, and they do massive damage too. First of all, enderman are essential for beating the ender dragon  (the ender dragon is essentially the “final boss” of Minecraft) . You need ender pearls (which come from endermen) to then craft eyes of ender. The eyes of ender are used to find the end portal, which also needs to be filled up by them.  Only then can you enter the end dimension and defeat the ender dragon. So if you have any intention to waste your life and beat the game, you might want to kill some enderman.