Top Five Affordable Room Decor Ideas On Amazon 

By Natalie Ramirez

Amazon has everything you can think of: from technology to food, they’ve got it. And one thing that they have is decorations for your bedroom. Here are the top five room decorations that are worth your money: 


1. LED Colored Lights

These lights can light up your room with any color you would like. These have become quite popular with the young crowd and supposedly can make or break a tik tok. These are perfect for a movie night and hanging with some friends. 


2. Artificial Ivy Garland

These fake ivy garlands can make any room feel comfortable and can lift anyone’s spirits. These look like real leaves and can be used to decorate your room any way you want. You can hang these and have them dangle down the wall or you can have them in a corner. Some even come with lights so you can have them be more noticeable. 






3. Hexagon Mirrors Wall Stickers

These tiny little mirrors can be placed on any wall in your room. You can make one large mirror or split the pieces up and create two hexagon mirrors in your room. These hexagons can have space in between each other or right next to them. This is a decoration that is very flexible and can be placed and used differently. 


4. Neon Signs

These signs come in many different shapes and colors, from a lightning bolt or a cloud neon sign. There are plenty of designs to choose from. These can really set an aesthetic to your room, if you're looking for it. Neon signs can also light up your room in the color you want. You can also copy signs that stores use, such as an open sign. 





5. Projector Night Light 

These projectors don’t show movies, but instead, switch colors and can make it feel like you are looking at the stars. These can easily calm anyone and can make you fall asleep. These projectors come with remotes to help change the colors so that you don’t have to get up from the comfort of your bed.


Credit to Amazon for all photos.