Top Five Comedy Movies to Watch on Netflix

By Natalie Ramirez

Everyone likes a good laugh right? It is hard to get a good laugh around these troubling times. But don’t worry. Hop on Netflix and start searching up these comedies. These movies are bound to make you laugh, maybe even pee your pants a little. Here are our top five comedy movies: 

   1. Dinner For Schmucks 

Tim Conrad is an up and coming executive for his business and is trying to get another business deal. He has to come up with a creative way to get people to go to a party and impress his potential client. To go to the party, they have to bring an odd person to get mocked by the executives. The winner for whoever brought the oddest person gets the glory. Tim decides he isn’t going until he meets Barry. But his plan backfires and Barry’s good intentions cause Tim’s career and love life to head south. 



   2. Zookeeper

Griffin is one of the most favored and loved caretakers at the local zoo. He happens to be more loving towards animals than humans, so his love life is lacking somewhat. Griffin decided that for him to find a girlfriend, he needs to find a more glamorous career. The animals hear this and they panic. To prevent Griffin from leaving, they expose their secret to talk and teach him proper manners, but in animal style. 



   3. Nacho Libre

Ignacio goes by Nacho to see some of his friends. Nacho works at a Mexican monastery, as a cook. This is where Nacho grew up and this monastery is home to many orphans who Nacho deeply cares for. But as a cook, he sees that there isn’t much money to feed these kids properly. Nacho decides it’s time for him to raise money. He settles on getting a second job in the wrestling department. He takes up the name Lucha Libre and has a partner Esqeleto. The church doesn't like Lucha and ends banning them, so Nacho must conceal his identity to help the kids. 



    4. The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl

A young boy named Max is bullied by his classmates. This causes him to escape into a fantasy world, creating the lives of LavaGirl and Sharkboy. This world that Max created in his mind, comes to life and so do the characters. Their planet needs a hero and that happens to be Max. At Planet Drool, Max encounters aliens and tries to save their world from dying. In this world, he battles his bullies who have become villains.



   5. The Other Guys 

Two detectives, Gamble and Hoitz, work with very famous detectives at NYPD. Gamble and Hoitz are desk-bound and deal with paperwork constantly. Gamble doesn’t mind his job, but Hoitz on the other hand is craving to get back on the streets and catch criminals. He also wants to make a name for himself. What seems like a very minor case is actually a very big and these two cops get to finally show the rest of the police department who they are and what they are made of. 



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Top Five Comedy Movies to Watch on Netfl
Top Five Comedy Movies to Watch on Netfl
Top Five Comedy Movies to Watch on Netfl
Top Five Comedy Movies to Watch on Netfl
Top Five Comedy Moveis To Watch on Netfl