Top 5 Essentials in Minecraft

By Keanu Lim

G top Five essentials in minecraft keanu

If you’re not familiar with the sandbox game Minecraft, then you probably live under a rock. Minecraft is the #1 best selling video game of all time and is probably the childhood of most people you know under 25. If you don’t know how to play survival Minecraft then this list is for you. Here are the top five essentials you should have when playing Minecraft.


5. Bed

If you have a place where you live in minecraft, you might want to make a bed. A bed is made of wood and wool, which can be obtained from killing sheep and mining trees. The purpose of a bed is to sleep and set your spawn point when you die. Sleeping allows you to instantly skip the night, which is when mobs spawn. Mobs are dangerous creatures that attack you, but they only spawn in dark areas, but at night, the whole world is dark, making the night a gathering for the dangerous creatures. Setting your spawn point is also important in case your house is not near the original spawn point. When you sleep in a bed, it allows you to spawn right next to it when you die. Beds are very useful because you don’t want to be lost after you die and lose your house.


4. Shelter

If you don’t have a bed, then at least have a house. A house is super important because this is where you can store everything and be safe. When you have a house that is properly lit up with torches or some other light source, no mobs can spawn, keeping you protected for as long as you need. Mobs can’t get into your house either, so if you’re in danger, you can always go into your house for safety.


3. Food Source 

If you have a house, sure you can be safe from mobs, but you won’t be safe from dying of hunger. In Minecraft, you have to constantly eat to regain your hunger bars. If your hunger bars ever reach zero, then you’ll slowly start to die of hunger. Food can be obtained by killing animals, harvesting crops or killing certain mobs. Sometimes none of those will be around and you’ll be stuck without any food. This is where a stable food source comes in. You can either make a farm that grows crops, or you can have an animal farm. The animal farm does require a wheat farm if you decide to use cows or sheep. Chickens, however, are self-sustainable because they lay eggs. Once you have a stable food source you won’t have to worry about food anymore.


2. Armor

Armor is a necessity when it comes to surviving in minecraft. The purpose of armor is to reduce damage you take. There are many different ways you can take damage such as falling, burning, getting attacked by mobs, drowning, and many other ways. Armor doesn’t protect you from all of those, but it does protect you from taking any physical damage. There are four armor pieces you can make. You can make a helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots. You can make armor out of various materials such as iron, leather, diamond, gold, and netherite. These materials affect the durability and the amount of damage reduced. If for some reason you don’t want to wear armor, you might as well delete the game because you’re just going to die every five minutes.


1. Tools

Tools are definitely the most important items you’ll need to craft in minecraft. Without tools, you wouldn’t be able to properly mine most blocks in the game. If you can’t mine blocks in Minecraft, then you won't be able to craft items. Since mining and crafting are the basics of the game, you won’t be able play the game as it was intended. In Minecraft there are 5 tools you can make. You can make a sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel, and hoe. All of these tools have different purposes that will essentially help you survive while playing. The sword however, is probably one of the most important tools since you use swords to attack mobs, allowing you to see another sunset. There are also many types of tools based on the materials you use to make them. You can use wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond, and the newly added netherite ore. The material you use to make the tools can affect their durability and efficiency at which they work. Though it is possible to play Minecraft without tools, you’ll just be running around doing nothing with your life. If you’re going to waste your time playing video games, you might as well do it the right way.