Top Five Wood in Minecraft

By Keanu Lim

G Top five wood in minecraft.jpg

Minecraft is a sandbox game,, where you can build and explore your own world. Players are able to mine blocks and craft items to help them survive and progress throughout the game. Besides mining and crafting, you can also build your own creations. Building in Minecraft is probably one of the biggest aspects of the game. Players need to build a house for shelter and storage for their items, and in most cases, they might want to make their house look amazing. When building your first house, you would usually use wood, but not all wood is the same. Many different trees in certain biomes have different colored wood, which could easily change the look of your house. As a professional builder in Minecraft with 20+ years of experience, here's the top five woods to build within Minecraft.


   5.  Birch 

Since there’s six types of wood, birch wood being at number five means that this isn’t the worst, but it's a definite close second.  People who build with birch are complete maniacs. The yellow color of the wood doesn’t go well with any other block and it looks out of place in any biome. Although you don't have to blend in with your environment when building a house, a birch house just doesn’t fit in, and sadly, it only beats the worst type of wood by a little bit.


   4.  Jungle

When it comes to jungle wood I’m not sure what to think of it. The wood design is below average but it doesn’t look terrible. Jungle wood is only a little bit better than birch since the color is less vibrant, but it still doesn’t blend in with most biomes. While the wooden planks aren’t as appealing, the wooden logs you mine before crafting are actually pretty good. The design is much different than other wooden logs but considering no one even uses them, I’ll have to keep jungle wood at number four.


   3.  Dark Oak

In my opinion, dark oak is leagues ahead of the past woods I’ve covered. Unlike birch and jungle wood, I’d actually build with it. Though most players don’t usually build with dark oak, an experienced builder like myself could easily implement it into most of my wood based builds. Though I am biased towards darker shades of wood, I feel number three is a reasonable spot for dark oak.


    2.  Oak

Oak wood in second is probably a surprise for most minecraft players. Oak is the most common wood to be found and built with. In my opinion, oak wood is bland and a fairly average wood. This does have its perks however, because the lack of personality in oak lets it become very versatile. Oak wood can be used in several builds and fits in with many biomes. Though oak may be versatile, the averageness of the design makes it come in number two.


  1. Spruce

Spruce wood is the best wood to exist and no one can tell me otherwise. With spruce wood, you get the best of both worlds. The color is beautiful and the block is very versatile. Spruce wood or any dark wood goes well with cobblestone and stone brick, which are two basic building blocks. The combination of the three can make several styled structures and houses. Though spruce only fits in with a few biomes, the color and great compatibility with such a basic block makes it the number one choice for me.