Top 10 KILLER Beauty Trends!

By KarMa

Lip Plumpers

lip plumpers.JPG

Not only is this an easy trend to do at home, but you're going to be left with some big luscious lips that will even leave the fish jealous. Cracked and swollen lips may be a result, so be sure to purchase Chapstick!


Tanning Beds

tanning bed.JPG

Say your farewells to the sun because tanning can give you that desired orange glow. Along with some cute freckle spots - not to be mistaken with skin cancer!

Final Destination 3

High Collars

High collars.JPG

High collars were popular in the 19th century and they NEED to make a comeback. The tight collars forcing you to “keep your chin up” provide an instant boost of confidence, especially in times of pestilence. This is also a great tool to remind you that you are indeed the center of the universe, and the world around you isn’t worth your time, as minimum neck movement is required when worn.




In the Middle Ages, women would make themselves bleed to look more pale, but with the technology we have today, we can suck you dry to leave you looking half dead!

Drunk Austen

Radium Makeup


This makeup's main ingredient is radium, a chemical compound that makes up nuclear bombs. Not only is this essential to achieving a nice glow, but it also acclimates your skin to the harsh conditions of upcoming nuclear wars.




Corsets were popular in the 1890s, but we need them now. They not only help with posture because of how constricting they are, but they also act as an alternative to dieting and exercising by smashing your organs together.

Looney Tunes

Lead Makeup

lead paint.JPG

With more careful acknowledgement, orange glowing skin is overrated. Let's follow the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth I, and make our skin as white and pale as possible. Of course, the peeling and cracking skin is just part of the fun!

Wig Lard

wig lard.JPG

We need to bring back lard: a tool used to give volume to wigs as noblewomen once did in the 18th century. If lucky, you will find a small rodent, preferably a rat, living in your wig. So not only do you get volume, but a companion as well!

BBC's 1971 Elizabeth I


urine mouthwash.JPG

Urine Mouthwash

Let's take a page from the Ancient Roman’s book and use our own urine as mouthwash. Not only is this a cheaper option, but this will leave your mouth with a peculiar smell that will surely spur some interesting conversations.

Tapeworm Diet


The not completely forgotten tapeworm diet allows you to lose weight, and have a brand new pet along with you for the journey!