Top Three Minecraft Enchantments

By Keanu Lim 

G Top three minecraft enchantments.jpg

When playing Minecraft, it’s important to enchant your items to improve their overall quality. Enchantments can do anything from improving the durability of your tools to increasing the damage of your weapon. Today I’ll be listing the top three best enchantments in Minecraft.


3. Protection

The main thing you want to do in Minecraft is survive, and protection will do just that. All protection does is increase the damage reduction of your item. You can put the protection enchantment on any piece of armor using an anvil or enchantment table. The protection level can go up to four, (shown in Roman Numerals in-game) why it doesn’t go to five is a mystery and makes no sense. Even though there is no protection five, four is just enough. Having protection four diamond armor makes it very hard to take damage in Minecraft, but if you have it on netherite armor, the thought of dying shouldn’t even cross your mind.


2. Unbreaking

When using a tool or taking damage with armor, the durability of the item goes down. The last thing you want to hear is the depressing sound of a metal clunk when your item breaks. Not only does my tool/armor break, but my heart breaks as well. One way to solve this is by using unbreaking. Unbreaking doesn’t make your item unbreakable, but it greatly increases your durability depending on the level of the enchantment. Unbreaking can be placed on any tool and any piece of armor. The level of unbreaking goes up to 3. Though you can always just repair your tools/armor, you can be lazy like the rest of us and slap on some unbreaking.


1. Mending

If you’re late into the game and have diamond gear already, it's probably time to get mending. Mending is a recently added enchantment (not really, it's just not one of the first ones) that repairs your tools/armor for you. For your item to be repaired, you’ll need to gain XP, which can be obtained by mining, killing mobs, or some methods of farming. This sounds like a better version of unbreaking, and to be fair, it is. The only bad part about mending is that it's very rare. Mending, unlike most enchantments, can’t be obtained through the enchantment table. You can only enchant your items with mending by getting mending books through trading villagers, fishing, and looking through chests. After you've obtained a book, you can combine it with your item of choice. The best thing you can do with mending is put it on a netherite hoe, this will ensure that you’ll never break it ever again when farming.