Top Five Feel Good Netflix Movies

to Watch Over the Holidays

By Natalie Ramirez

Top Five Feel Good Movies on Netflix. Na
Top five feel good movies on Netflix. Na
Top five feel good movies on Netflix. Na
Top five feel good movies on Netflix. Na
Top Five Fell good movies on Netflix to

Doesn’t everyone like to feel good and watch Netflix? So combine the two! During this hard time, everyone needs a little brightening in their life. So watch some feel-good movies on Netflix! Here are our top five feel-good movies to watch: 


1. Patrick 

In this adorable movie, a young teacher inherits her grandmother’s dog. A pug named Patrick. The pug has separation anxiety, which makes him tear up all of her belongings and makes a complete mess. Now the teacher has her world turned upside down trying to balance a new dog, work, and her not so great love life. 


2. Big Daddy

Sonny, a 32-year-old, has found ways to avoid all responsibility his whole life and eventually gets dumped by his girlfriend because she likes an older man better. Now, Sonny is determined to show her that he is responsible and that he can grow up. So, he adopts a boy named Julian. But… she still isn’t impressed. Once you adopt a child, you can’t return them. 



3. Work It 

A teen named Quinn Ackerman has been working hard to get into Duke University, the same school her late father attended. She achieves straight A’s and performs extracurricular activities. Once she finds out that her application is similar to everyone else and that she won’t stand out, Quinn lies and says she is a part of the school’s elite dance team,  known around the entire country. She tries out for the dance team but gets rejected. So, she decides to plan her own dance team and face their school’s dance team at the competition ‘Work It’. 



4. The Fundamentals of Caring

A writer, named Ben, retires his job soon after a tragedy and ends up being a caretaker of a disabled teen named Trevor. Trevor reveals that when he was diagnosed with his disability at the age of three, his father left. His father still sends letters, but Trevor just ignores them. His mother tells Ben not to get too close to Trevor fearing that when Ben moves on, Trevor will be heartbroken. The teen is amazed by attractions on the side of highways in America and Ben convinces Trevor’s mom to let them go on a road trip. On the way, Trevor asks to stop at his Father’s car dealership in Salt Lake City and gets a crush on a girl named Dot that’s around his age. Ben and Trevor eventually understand hope and friendship throughout the road trip. 



5. Dumplin’ 

Willowdean is the daughter of a former beauty queen, Rosie, who is so committed to pageants that she doesn’t spend much time with her daughter. Willowdean becomes friends with a girl named Lucy, who ends up passing away. She finds Lucy’s pageant application and decides to join the pageant as a protest. Willowdean now has many girls following her lead in protesting in the pageant and soon turns their small Texas town crazy.