Trump Supporters Unaffected By His Diagnosis

By Bikram Bains
Trump Supporters Uneffected by his Diagn
Photo Credits: Politico

President Trump and many members of his cabinet have been diagnosed with COVID-19, after downplaying its effect and severity. Most democratic supporters hoped that this incident would expose Trump’s hypocrisy to his supporters, however, this has not been the case. 


Donald Trump has effectively maintained his image of a strong president, by putting on a brave face for the public, despite his illness. This has reassured his supporters that the virus is nothing to be worried about, rather than the predicted effect. When asked about whether Trump had to be more careful, Eddie Kabcinski responded in an interview with Time Magazine “The President is the Commander in Chief. He is the person that everybody else looks to as the leader of the free world. It does no good for our Commander in Chief [to be] showing cowardice and wearing a mask.” Many others share her opinion. The facade put up by Trump to cover the fact that he has been treated with a variety of drugs and recieved oxygen has been effective. This is dangerous because it reinforces the idea that COVID-19 isn't any more dangerous than the common cold.Such deception encourages his voters to reject the mandates to stop the spread of the virus. 


On the other end of the spectrum, Many supporters have shown concern for the president Despite their concern, they have not changed their mind on who to vote for. When asked about Trump’s response to the pandemic,  Trump supporter Karen Darga said “I truly feel that he’s done his best.” Instead of changing their mind on who to vote for to match their values, it seems like they provide justification for the candidate they support. . 


Donald Trump’s diagnosis has also had an effect on people who take a neutral position in politics. Joe Biden responded to this incident by wishing Trump the best. This has also allowed him to campaign more aggressively, without any comments from Trump. This gives Biden an advantage with voters who have yet to decide. From a strategical standpoint, his diagnosis has been nothing but trouble. 


The voters’ response to the President’s diagnosis seems to fit under a pattern. Whenever Donald Trump has been exposed for unethical actions, democrats rush to attack him, while his supporters rush to defend him. Regardless of the action, Trump’s supporters have largely stuck with him. However, what has impacted his supporters is when his image comes under fire. In an interview with Time, Trump supporter Vanlandegham said he would no longer be voting for Trump after seeing his behaviour at the debate. The only thing that deterred this voter was the change in Trump’s image. As long as his image stays the same, his actions will not change the minds of some of his supporters. Despite that, it may not be enough to garner votes for Joe Biden.