Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water

By Ananyuh Business

why you should stop drinking water.JPG

People always say that water is the most important substance for a person to take. Apparently, we need water to live, but to this I say, check out my next top ten: Why You Shouldn’t Live. Here are ten reasons to avoid water.


  1. Water is just so tasteless. For example, chocolate milk tastes like milk and chocolate. Water has no smell and taste whatsoever. Basic.

  2. Duh! There’s a reason it’s not on the Starbucks Menu. 

  3. Water is a waste of plastic. It is sold in plastic bottles and jugs. Most people don't throw the empty bottles and jugs into the recycling bin, leading to additional litter, which is harmful for the environment. 

  4. Water won’t work to wash down spicy food. It just spreads the pain around.

  5. People forget that water exists, and quite frankly, it is way too much work to get up and get some water. It is a waste of energy and time for something that tastes like nothing.

  6. Water can't be trusted. It comes from the sea, or who knows what other sources. 

  7. Water is nowhere near as good as a sugary or caffeine-filled drink. Honestly, sugar perks people up, but water doesn't do that, so what’s the point?

  8. “I’m not thirsty.” Instead of satisfying hunger with actual food, drinking more water is a mechanism used to fill up more space in the stomach. Water just ends up making the person more hungry. It isn't a solution, but rather an annoying answer.

  9. Water makes people gag. Too much water is disgusting and makes people want to vomit. The feeling after drinking so much water feels so gross.

  10. There's something called lack of thirst. Maybe people shouldn’t be forced. It's mean.